I’m Cortney, and this is my blog, Place for Momma. This is my second go at blogging. I tried to set up a self-hosted blog and follow the how-to guides for creating a successful blog. It was overwhelming to me personally. I felt that I needed to take a step back. It was too easy to get caught up with all the articles stating that you need this or that to be a blogger. I got so lost in the technical aspects or “business of blogging” that I kept comparing my blog to other blogs and feeling like I wasn’t ever doing things right. Let's just say it wasn't fun. It became a chore. So, I’m starting again with the basics on Blogger. My goal is to simply begin sharing and connecting with others.


Sharing What?

Blogs are simply platforms for bloggers to share things from their individual perspectives. I would personally like to share pieces of my life, my faith, motherhood, interests like beauty, etc. I hope to create an honest and inspirational space where anyone can feel like they can relate and share their ideas RESPECTFULLY. To create a community like that, I have to ask that comments and replies to others are done respectfully even if there are disagreements.

Mom Life

You can probably tell by the title of this blog that I’m a momma (of one). I have a three year old son, Eli, who is a interesting mix of wild, tough, curious, and sweet. I am one of those people who think being a mother (or father) is a blessing and a high calling. It’s a tough job, and it definitely can get overwhelming. I don’t personally like too many “how to” posts when it comes to helping a child reach a certain milestone. I don’t find them too helpful, and I don’t like the idea of feeling like I’m comparing my kid to other kids. They were not helpful to me at all and caused me to stress or feel like I wasn’t doing something right. Maybe I took them too seriously, but posts like that made me feel like I had to be controlling everything or setting a strict schedule. I’ve learned that patience and consistency are the most important factors in helping my son get through his developmental stages. I feel like that tip will work for any parent. So, I aim to share my experiences more than anything because I’m definitely no expert.



Faith is another thing that is very personal to an individual. I definitely don’t feel “good enough” to share my faith sometimes because in all honesty,  I’ve made A LOT of mistakes. Some out of fear. Some out of thinking I had some kind of control over some outcome. I’ve even had moments where I simply underestimated the consequences of my actions. I have been known to be a worrywart, but I’ve always wanted to be a person with strong faith. For me, not reacting, praying, and waiting through a mess of a situation is much easier said than done. Even so, doing just that has brought me more clarification and peace than worrying and overthinking ever has. Things rarely work out like we expect them to anyway, right? 

There are quite a few things I’m currently working on within me. I feel God leading me and revealing things to me, so I need to hold on to that. I hope to have the courage to share some of my mistakes and what I’ve learned from them. That will obviously take a level of vulnerability I’m not used to revealing, but it’s something I really admire when done by others.


I have been called a “girly girl” too many times to count. So, I obviously really enjoy learning about beauty, skincare, and sometimes fashion. But, makeup is my favorite. For the past few years I’ve only worn or used non-toxic makeup and skincare products. I personally like feeling like I’m not sacrificing my skincare or health to feel beautiful, but I keep up with all beauty news. I also really love scents. My perfect day is being able to put on a little makeup and a feminine, yet cozy or uplifting scent. 

There is only one beauty category that is just not my thing. I hate haircare. I love watching other people’s “curly hair routines” and learning how to battle mine, but I hate doing my own hair! I’ve become a little more patient in these past few years, but I have a head full of natural coils and it is WORK. Even so, I plan to share some products and routines if anyone ever shows an interest in that.

Some other interests are baking (to feed my huge sweet tooth), foreign languages (I’ve been studying Spanish for a few years), learning in general, and teaching my son preschool lessons.

I hope you guys feel like you know me a little better and the direction that I have in mind for this blog. Thank you for visiting! If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out.

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